Food for Thought

biodiversity, sustainability of the ecosystem and the food productions


Szkoła Podstawowa im. Kawalerów Orderu
Uśmiechu w Czersku


Selma Yiğitalp Anatolian High School


2nd Junior High School of Kalamata


Agrupamento de Escola de Rio Tinto n3


Food for Thought is an Erasmus+ project.

The project "Food for Thought" is supported by teachers and students from four countries - Greece, Turkey, Portugal, and Poland. The institutions involved constitute a mixture of experienced participants and newcomers. The project topic explores the connection that exists between food and a number of primary aspects of human activity and culture. It offers a variety of perspectives and constitutes a concept that is easily grasped by the age group of our students (12-15 years old). This journey reveals the importance of food as a cultural element uniting Europeans not only in the course of their history but in their common future as well. It also tries to sensitize adolescent students to the benefits of a healthy diet and its contribution towards well-being and mental balance. Finally, it introduces the subject of producing and managing food in a world of overpopulation, pollution, and steadily decreasing natural sources - only by keeping the biodiversity of our areas blooming we have a chance to achieve the sustainability of the ecosystem and the food production. In particular, the project is divided into four sections:

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